Contingency Plans For COVID-19 Outbreak

The Company wanted to let you know that we have contingency plans in place to enable us to continue providing our range of services despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our business in the quarrying and construction sectors means we can meet clients and self distance on site whilst discussing client’s requirements.

We have introduced a number of procedures to reduce the risk of infection such as personal sanitisers, additional supplies of gloves and PPE and are not undertaking travel on public transport for the present.

As all staff have PPE for site work then the risk is lower as long as they remain vigilant and self distance from other workers.

Please rest assured that we have stopped all non-essential travel, meetings and visitors to our offices. We are also taking steps to maximise homeworking should we need to monitor the  situation from our office.

Any staff displaying symptoms have been advised to immediately self-isolate, and we will monitor their condition remotely by various types of media and any colleagues with which they had contact to ensure any concerns are acted upon quickly.  We will also advise any known 3rd parties with whom such staff may have been in contact.

Obviously, we are not able to perform our work without visiting sites and other client locations. Therefore, all our engineers surveyors have been provided with current information and guidance on how to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Furthermore, our staff have been advised to keep a suitable distance from contacts in the location where they are working to protect themselves and others from infection.

We are committed to maintaining our business operations and to ensuring that you continue to receive the highest quality service with minimum disruption.

We will, of course, keep you updated if any changes are made to our working practices.