Coal Authority Removal of Objection Letter

coal authority

For the Attention of: Mr J Carlon – Case Officer

Wakefield Council

[By Email:]

10 October 2014

Dear Mr Carlon


Construction of two agricultural buildings comprising implement shed and livestock building ; 289 Weeland Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF4 1DZ – FURTHER INFORMATION RECEIVED

Thank you for your consultation letter of 29 September 2014 seeking the views of The Coal Authority on the additional information submitted in support of the above planning application.

The Coal Authority is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.  As a statutory consultee, The Coal Authority has a duty to respond to planning applications and development plans in order to protect the public and the environment in mining areas.

The Coal Authority Response: Material Consideration

The application site falls within the defined Development High Risk Area; therefore within the application site and surrounding area there are coal mining features and hazards which need to be considered in relation to the determination of this planning application, specifically likely historic unrecorded underground coal mining at shallow depth.

The Coal Authority previously objected to this planning application in a letter to the LPA dated 18 December 2013.  The objection was raised on the grounds that a Coal Mining Risk Assessment had not been submitted alongside the planning application.

The Coal Authority is therefore pleased to note the submitted Coal Mining Risk Assessment Report (July 2014, prepared by Cromwell Wood Estate Company Limited)

Based on the specialist foundations proposed on page 8 of the Report, the nature of the development proposed and considering the coal mining legacy issues which are associated with the site (i.e. potential unrecorded historic underground coal mining at shallow depth) The Coal Authority withdraws its objection subject to the proposed measures being incorporated into the scheme.

The Coal Authority Recommendation to the LPA

The Coal Authority considers that the additional information submitted in support of this planning application is broadly sufficient for the purposes of the planning system and meets the requirements of NPPF in demonstrating that the application site is, or can be made, safe and stable for the proposed development.

The Coal Authority would expect the proposed development to be carried out in accordance with the foundation strategy proposed in the Coal Mining Risk Assessment Report dated July 2014 prepared by Cromwell Wood Estate Company Limited. It will be for the subsequent Building Regulations process to ensure that these recommended remedial measures are incorporated to ensure the safety and stability of the development.

The Coal Authority therefore withdraws its objection to this planning application on the basis of the additional information submitted.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss this matter further.

Yours sincerely

Chris MacArthur

Chris MacArthur B.Sc. (Hons), DipTP, MRTPI
Planning Liaison Manager


The above consultation response is provided by The Coal Authority as a Statutory Consultee and is based upon the latest available coal mining data on the date of the response, and electronic consultation records held by The Coal Authority since 1 April 2013.  The comments made are also based upon only the information provided to The Coal Authority by the Local Planning Authority and/or has been published on the Council’s website for consultation purposes in relation to this specific planning application.  The views and conclusions contained in this response may be subject to review and amendment by The Coal Authority if additional or new data/information (such as a revised Coal Mining Risk Assessment) is provided by the Local Planning Authority or the Applicant for consultation purposes.

Protecting the public and the environment in coal mining areas