CWEC Land Surveys – Mineral

Land and Mineral Surveying

Surveying - land surveysCromwell Wood Estate Company Limited specialise in Land and Mineral Surveying for a wide range of projects. The accurate representation of features on the ground and levels are paramount to getting the project right from the start. All the design work and site investigation is prepared using a land or mining survey.

Using the latest GPS and total station technology, software and skills we provide a full package from initial site surveys to locating site investigation and complete aftercare and restoration schemes. This provides an invaluable record of the progress of a site from development proposal to completion. This is so important in the asset management and recording of data so the land can be sold with a clean bill of health or to illustrate the managed extraction and restoration process.

We have clients who we have worked with for over 20 years and the archive of surveys shows the progress of development which is invaluable when signing off the site after completion. A full story can be told from the plans.

We offer the following range of services:

  • Full topographical site surveys
  • 3D terrain modelling and digitising
  • Site aftercare and restoration SurveysSite walkovers for mapping
  • Setting out earthworks and restoration
  • Locating trial pits and borehole investigation work
  • Surveying and setting out boundaries and providing plans and reports on land disputes
  • Geological surveys of structures, bedding planes and face profiles for geotechnical assessments

SurveyingOur surveyors have experience both on the surface and in underground mines and tunnels, in the UK, the Middle East, Africa and Australia working on precious metal, base metal, coal and industrial mineral projects.

Deformation and engineering surveys are also undertaken for a wide range of clients in the oil, waste, construction and energy sectors.

We provide geotechnical survey assessments, volumetric surveys of stocks and waste and provide audits for materials to be used in cut and fill. Our data is used for quarry and mine design to model each phase of the working, and calculate the reserve and waste to be used in the restoration.

The plans are the bedrock of a quarrying or mining scheme with restoration that starts the process of a good planning or permit application.

For any other information, please do not hesitate to contact this office and speak to John or Sandra Carlon.