Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Some of the feedback from our clients

“Many thanks for the comprehensive report on the house we are purchasing and the check you have completed on the mining situation. We will take note of all your recommendations. We have peace of mind that the purchase is sound so really appreciate the work you have done on this.” – Testimonial from a client on the purchase of a house near to a mine shaft. (July 2019)

“John , just a quick note for your ref. You were spot on regarding the ground conditions….. very impressive. We hit chalky limestone at about 1/2m then some tougher stuff but nothing that the digger couldn’t get thru (no breaker needed). We dug 4 pits to 2m/3m in a 8 hour shift and looking to do the soak-away over next couple of days. Thanks again for the bit of advice the other day ……. you were bang on the button re the conditions !!! Brian.” (August 2018)

“Dear John, I just wanted to drop you a brief thank you note. Our planning application was originally objected against as there wasn’t sufficient evidence re mining risk. Upon submittal of your extensive RA report and comprehensive detail the objection has now been reversed and the Authority are very satisfied with the information supplied. I would like to pass on my thanks for your efforts here… much appreciated and thank you. Kindest regards, Brian.”

“I hope you don’t mind but I’ve passed your name and number onto my nephew. He is in the process of buying a house and needs a report. We were so pleased with the work you did for us that I recommended you to him.” – a satisfied client for a house structural survey in Wakefield.

“I would like to express my thanks at finally obtaining the permit for [no name] recovery operation, it has been a long and difficult road and now we just need to overcome the last hurdle the dreaded S 106 so lets get this sorted so I can crack a bottle of champagne across the bumper of the first lorry to deposit a load at the site. Cheers John.” (In relation to a recovery permit for the use of construction and demolition waste for restoring a quarry in Nottinghamshire).

“Hi John, I hope you are well, once again thank you for great job you have done at Church Street.” (In relation to coal mining site investigation in Derbyshire).

“Thank you very much for sending me a copy of your report.  It is a very detailed report and very thorough and impressive.” – Wendy, West Yorkshire

“I am really pleased with your report and am hoping this will be enough to make ‘X’ drop the case… Thanks again John, you have been a great help.” – 

“This is good news!  Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the Church… …Hopefully [name] can now approve the application and we can move forward with the project.” – Paul S, Architect, Leicestershire