CWEC – Mineral Estates Management

Mineral Estates Management

Cromwell Wood Estate Company Ltd, trading as Cromwell Mining Consultants, has been involved in mineral planning for a wide range of minerals since 2002. The Mining Director has been involved in the mineral industry in design, mine planning, Town and Country Planning, production and restoration, for over 25 years.
We have advised clients on planning applications for coal, fireclay, brickshale, limestone, sandstone, building stone, industrial materials, silica sand, sand gravels and metals.

SurveyingOur specialist teamĀ has managed through estate management, the desk top estimation of reserves, site investigation, geological interpretation, designing a working scheme and submitting planning applications for new sites, extensions to existing sites and reviews of old mineral permissions – some of which were originally submitted by the company 15 years ago.

The surveyors have been able to secure working rights for mineral companies, from land owners through negotiation and presentation of the recoverable reserves within the owner’s land.

Our surveyors also act for landowners to protect their interests in regards to royalty payments, rents, restoration of the land before it is handed back and any liabilities that are associated with the land owner. Minerals can be severed from the surface so there may be two interests in the land as the mineral owner may need access to the reserve with agreement with the landowner.

Over the last 15 years, our minerals team have submitted over 90 applications for working schemes for a wide range of minerals throughout the United Kingdom. Many of the applications have required Environmental Impact Assessments which require a robust method of working, reserve assessment and assessment of the effects on nearby receptors.
The engineers and surveyors design the quarry or mine and then manage the specialist consultants who assist on the Planning Application to address issues such as Traffic, Noise, Dust, Visual Impact, Ecology, Landscape and Restoration and mitigate the impact of the mineral extraction and restoration.