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Building and Structural Surveys

Subsidence Recording - structural surveyorsCromwell Wood Estate Company Limited has a dedicated department that carries out partial and full building surveys on residential and commercial properties. Our Chartered Surveyors approach every survey on an individual basis, in accordance with your specific requirements.

The most important purchase in a lifetime, is a house which is to be your home. Unfortunately, most people spend more time checking out the condition of the car they are going to buy, than they do their house and rely upon the mortgage provider to do the survey. The mortgagor is interested in ensuring the property is worth more than they are lending, so they have no risk in the future, as the buyer is providing a large deposit. Our advice to all private purchasers of houses, is to have a full survey if the valuation survey for the bank or building society picks up anything on the structure. More importantly, if they do not then instruct a building surveyor to inspect the property, as most valuation surveys these days are viewed from outside and over half an hour or so, they do not inspect the floors, roof void, or boundaries.

The condition of the properties that are surveyed require a record, this may be for the renewal of lease, renting the accommodation or prior to purchase of a residential dwelling etc. Our reports provide our clients with clear and comprehensive advice together with highlighting of the key aspects of remedial works and the condition of the building.

We offer the following range of surveys that include a level of technical expertise:

  • Full building surveys for prospective homebuyers, landlords and investorsContaminants on Site
  • Partial building surveys with repair schedules and specifications
  • Repair schedules and specifications for all types of property
  • Measured building and structural surveys
  • Dilapidations and condition surveys for rental agreements and leases
  • Boundary disputes and marking out land for development proposals
  • Schedule of conditions for land and property
  • Advice on ground conditions and subsidence engineering.

Copies of some typical surveys that we carry out, viewable in a PDF format (Adobe Reader.) are on the web site. A paper copy of one of our typical building survey reports can be requested to look at. For any other information please do not hesitate to contact Cromwell Wood Estate Company and speak to either John Carlon or Sandra Carlon.

Our engineers are also able to provide mining reports and can advise on the potential for ground instability due to mining operations. Our lead surveyor is able to advise on ‘cut and fill’ operations to form a site and the engineers can advise on foundation design and land stability.

We offer the following range of investigations that include a high level of expertise:

  • Phase I and Phase II Contamination Audits
  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • Remediation and Verification Reports as Work Progresses
  • Gas and Radon Monitoring
  • Water Sampling from Boreholes and Surface Water Courses
  • Mining Reports for all types of Mineral Operations

For any other information, please do not hesitate to contact this office and in the first instance speak to John or Sandra Carlon.