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Contaminated Land Reports

Contaminated Land and Flood Risk Assessments

Contaminated Land Reports - Flood Risk Assessment PlanGovernment targets on the use of brownfield land for development has put increasing pressure on building companies and developers to purchase land which will have had a previous industrial use.

Public health and, increasingly, the health of the environment are an important priority in the construction of new developments and, as part of the planning process, contamination audits have an integral role to play in the redevelopment of brownfield land as well as in checking any previous use on the development of greenfield land. Land can have been restored in the past or there is a specific historical reason why it was not developed.

Cromwell Consultants has become a leading consultant within the industry, providing advice on planning applications relating to all construction and environmental aspects of brownfield development. We have a dedicated department able to carry out site investigations for both commercial and residential purposes. Alongside contamination investigations, our diligent team of professionals are able to carry out flood risk assessments for planning applications and compliance purposes.

Our engineers and surveyors approach every development on an individual basis in accordance with the needs of the client and the local authority involved with a project.

Contaminated Land Reports - Contaminants on SiteFor every investigation the historical background and current condition of the subject site is investigated through a desk-top assessment and from on-site investigations. Cromwell Consultants use Landmark and the Environment Agency as sources of important information such as Envirocheck reports, Geology reports, Site Checks and Promap. In addition, Cromwell have a large archive that has been purchased from Fennell Green and Bates who assembled the archive over the past century which is an important source of historical information.

For a Phase I Contamination Audit, the potential contamination sources are examined through a site walkover, an investigation of historical uses of the site and assessment of the underlying geology. A conceptual model and risk assessment will be developed in order to assess the requirement for a Phase II investigation.

Where a Phase II investigation is required, our engineers are able to collect soil samples and assess the depth of made ground and solid geology using trial pits, window sampling or boreholes. We have professional contacts with a number of drilling companies and UKAS/MCERTs registered laboratories who undertake the analysis.

Our engineers are also able to provide mining reports and can advise on the potential for ground instability due to mining operations. Our lead surveyor is able to advise on ‘cut and fill’ operations to form a site and the engineers can advise on foundation design and land stability.

We offer the following range of investigations that include a high level of expertise:

  • Phase I and Phase II Contamination Audits
  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • Remediation and Verification Reports as Work Progresses
  • Gas and Radon Monitoring
  • Water Sampling from Boreholes and Surface Water Courses
  • Mining Reports for all types of Mineral Operations

For any other information, please do not hesitate to contact this office and in the first instance speak to John or Sandra Carlon.