Australia 2016

We have had an interesting time over the past three months, starting with a trip down under to complete some post contract business for a coal conveyor or installation and to assess the opportunities for the company in project management, planning and permitting work, environmental assessment and contaminated land projects.

The research was mainly in the South in Adelaide, Melbourne, Gippsland, Canberra and Sydney.

A number of large quarrying projects were visited in the southern New South Wales area. Brown coal projects in Victoria and black coal mines in and around the Hunter Valley and Kurri Kurri.

The mining industry has been hit hard by the commodities market and unfortunately there have been many layoffs in the mining industry apart from gold mining.

May be there is a lesson there for us all in exporting manufacturing to China and India so that our economies are so reliant on their growth which is reliant on our consumption of goods.

United Kingdom

Our staff have been involved in preparing planning applications, waste recovery schemes, environmental statements and reserve estimates for a number of clients involved with the construction sector.

Since returning to the UK, our principal engineer has been involved in coal mining risk assessments, contaminated land investigations and planning applications for minerals and waste.

Planning permission has been received for two dimension stone quarries and our staff are currently working on three more applications for hard rock and one for sand, which should be completed by June 2016.

Two planning applications are being prepared for 2 limestone quarries which are in the early stages of design.

After all the rain, the weather finally seems to be agreeable for engineers and surveyors to carry out some site work so our staff are keen to be out on site collecting information for the planning work, site investigations and geotechnical assessments.

If you wish to enquire about the projects we are involved in please telephone the office or contact us through this website.