Windfall Sites, Mineral Extraction, Landfill, Investigation, and 2 Community Sports Facilities

We have noticed a steady increase in small windfall sites that we have been asked to advise on for ground conditions and coal mining which should provide small housing sites throughout South and West Yorkshire. We have been involved in foundations and retaining wall design providing solutions to hillside sites and ones affected by shallow coal mining.

The mineral extraction sector has seen increased activity and we have been providing project management & design services to 5 of our clients for extensions to existing quarries culminating in the approval of a building stone reserve for a quarry in Lancashire. 1 down 4 to go.

Recently our engineers have been supervising the site investigation of old inert landfill tips to progress the surrender of the waste permit and cease monitoring the site. This has involved the procurement of capping material and then subsoil and topsoil to return the site to pasture and inhibit the percolation of water into the waste. We are project managing 5 site closures at the present time and obtaining gas and water samples.

We have been managing the progress of a site for 15 houses by carrying out site investigation, removal of vegetation, foundation and earthworks design and the preparation of the detail plans. The site is now ready to market and artist’s impressions of the development can be seen below.

Lees Hall view 01 final - CWEC

Lees Hall view 02 final - CWEC

Our company is grateful to be associated with two community sports facilities providing advice to the trustees and committees on upgrading their facilities using earthworks material, recovered waste and excess soil from other developments. Our engineers are advising on the soil profile, quantities of material required and the supervision of the deposit of the material to provide drainage and good top soil. These projects are for the future of our children and hopefully the use of materials that would otherwise be discarded will provide first class facilities for many years.