Looking forward to 2024

We are looking forward to 2024 with it being a Leap Year. The weather has been wet over the past three months which has impacted the construction sector even more after the wet July.

Excavation - cromwellwood.orgQuarries have suffered with the wet weather as it makes processing material difficult and management of the conditions is time consuming. It is a lot different from the dry summers of 2020 and 2022 when lack of rain was a major problem and dust was difficult to manage.

We have several projects that have been completed that we have been involved in over the past 6 years that was to remediate a former quarry and then engineer the backfill to the surface so 39 houses could be built. The scheme was achieved under a DoWCoP, selecting suitable cohesive heterogeneous fill and compacting it in layers before the foundations were laid for the estate to be laid out.

House - cromwellwood.orgWe have completed the verification survey for the site and now 39 families have spent their first Christmas and New Year on the small estate in Castleford.

Our engineers have advised and supervised earthworks on the first phase of a 180 house site where the materials on site have been re-worked and processed to make type 2A and 2C fill to level the site and bring it up to surface level. 37 units of detached and semi-detached houses have been completed in the first phase and residents are just beginning to move in. The next phase is to re engineer phases 2, 3 and 4 and this will be undertaken producing materials under an environmental permit, SR2010 No 12, to accept construction materials from the developer’s other sites to produce engineered fill. We are looking forward to working on these next phases.

Our surveyors are working on several renewable energy projects undertaking desktop studies for past historical land use, coal mining risk assessments, mine shaft investigations for other minerals and site investigation for ground conditions.

The mining engineers have assisted land owners and operators in opening up several quarries this year to provide a wide range of minerals, including building stone and fireclay, by managing the sites and introducing partners to the owner or operator who can use the minerals for construction, industrial and landscaping uses.

Here at Cromwell Wood, we pride ourselves on having long term relationships with clients who have been able to rely on a consistent quality service, with excellent record keeping, going back over 30 years. This archive is particularly useful when trying to provide information on activities on a site and the inherent risk if a site is to be redeveloped or to be for habitat.

We think that 2024 will be better for the construction sector and our clients and we wish all of them a happy and prosperous new year.