Buoyant Construction Market Brings New Opportunities

Over the past few months we have been seeing an increase in the work load in regard to construction materials supply, recycling activity and the preparation of sites for housing. We are currently involved in three sites for housing that require remediation within the West Yorkshire conurbation which our engineers will be working on through the summer.

Environmental Permits
Two of our clients have received environmental permits for the recycling of waste for construction in the past few weeks after preparation and agreement of the schemes with the Environment Agency.

Planning Applications
The construction market seems to be buoyant at the moment and we are preparing 5 planning applications for building stone quarries in the north of England to provide buff sandstone.

Review of the Aggregate Levy
The Treasury and HMRC are undertaking a root and branch review of the Aggregate Levy at the present time to assess the impact of quarrying on the environment and whether the Aggregate Sustainability Fund ought to be resurrected. We understand this is a clean slate review with all options on the table so we would urge all mineral extraction companies who sell aggregate to respond to the consultation by the end of August. We are responding on behalf of our building stone clients and aggregate operators.

Quality Mudstone
Finally, we are acting as the agent for the supplies of good quality mudstone for brick making or capping / engineering clay in West Yorkshire. One site has 30,000 cubic metres and the other site has 7000 cubic metres of brown clay. The potential reserves of brown clay are 200,000 cubic metres, all under planning permission.

Stone Saw Yard Rental Opportunity
We are acting for a client who has a stone saw yard and shed for rental from today and will be preparing particulars for the premises. As a guideline the rent will be £52,000 a year for the shed, saws and yard.