Building on Success

It has been a good year so far for the company with successful planning applications approved for extensions to 2 quarries, the approval of recovery schemes for 4 quarries and planning permissions granted for 2 housing projects. We are continuing with approvals by the Coal Authority of the coal mining risk assessments prepared by our mining engineers and this year have provided reports on the Yorkshire, Scottish, Welsh, Derbyshire and Leicestershire coal fields using our own archives and mine records.
Currently we are instructed on planning applications for 3 quarries extracting building stone in the north of England and hope to achieve planning permissions by October 2015.
Our team are preparing reviews of old mining permissions for clients which worked with us on the first review fifteen years ago so we are proud of the continuity with long-term clients on these projects.
We have noticed an increase in workload for housing schemes and the remediation of brownfield land. We have received instruction in May for two housing projects for site investigation and contaminated land assessment and look forward to working with these new clients.